ACLT's Passport to Preservation

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to visit the wineries & breweries in person?

No! Most of the participating businesses sell their products at local liquor stores and restaurants (check their websites for locations). If you have any concerns about visiting the venues, you can still participate by purchasing their wine & beer in local liquor stores and/or restaurants. We even have two breweries who will deliver beer to you (Greenspring & Gypsy)! You will just need to submit a selfie of you with the beer since you will not be getting your passport stamped at the venue.

How will prizes be awarded?

All of our participating breweries and wineries are offering great prize packages for our participants. At the end of the event, send us your passport (via email or snail-mail) no later than Friday, September 10th. Winners will be drawn at our Sip & Save event scheduled for September 11th from 1-5 p.m.  Participants get one entry for every stamp on their passport. So, the more businesses you visit, the greater your chances of winning!

How do I get my passport stamped if I don't visit the venue?

Simply share a photo of yourself enjoying the beer and/or wine (via email or our private Facebook Group) and we’ll stamp your passport “virtually” by making a note in your record to be sure you’re entered to win in the final drawings.

If I visit a brewery/winery multiple times, can I have my passport stamped multiple times for the drawing?

No. Only one stamp is permitted at each participating brewery and winery. You can, however, register more than once for additional passports.

Have Additional Questions?

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